Verveno was born from one simple idea: the power of health can change lives – and, in turn, the world. Having experienced the global water crisis firsthand, our founder believes truly clean drinking water is a fundamental human right for everyone.

Even in first-world countries ‘clean’ hydration is hard to find. Go to any supermarket and you’ll find shelves overflowing with a variety of waters and energy drinks that are full of sugars and artificial ingredients which can lead to very real and very serious long-term health effects. To us, that’s far from ‘clean’ or ‘energizing’. With Verveno, we are changing that, one healthy sip at a time.

Our line of all-natural waters are purposefully-infused with organic ingredients and brimming with the antioxidants and functional applications you need to take control of your health. Verveno is more than just a way to quench your thirst: it’s functional water that hydrates and so much more…it revitalizes your mind, your body, and your soul.

At Verveno, we believe every human being on this planet deserves the right to feel like they can simply relax and ‘float’ sometimes, feeling empowered, refreshed, elevated, and balanced.

When you choose Verveno, you’re not just giving yourself the gift of health…you’re helping real people across the globe to heal and stay healthy. Every time you buy a bottle of Verveno, a portion of that sale is donated toward efforts to end the global water crisis.

“I firmly believe that when you can make change, you should: you give yourself the gift of health and then pay it forward in small but impactful ways. I experienced, firsthand, the devastating effects of the global water crisis when I became extremely ill after drinking contaminated water. It was then that I realized how important access to clean hydration is, and sadly, what an obstacle it is for so many. Nobody should lose their health or lives because they simply lack access to clean hydration. With Verveno, I’m on a mission to change that.”
– Joe C, Founder, CEO